Mary Sharpe, Jenny Constable, Martin Geissler and Rebecca Curran

Sexual Strangulation

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Sexual strangulation is on the rise. The Reward Foundation believes it is part of the emerging public health crisis due to free, streaming internet pornography.  The charity’s chair Mary Sharpe, had a great opportunity to discuss our work on BBC Scotland TV’s  “The Nine” on Thursday 5th December 2019. 

During the discussion age verification legislation was raised. Mary was able to correct the misinformation circulating on the BBC and in the media at large that it had been scrapped. Implementation of age verification measures, contained in Part 3 of the Digital Economy Act 2017, was due to take place this year. It has been postponed, not abandoned. TRF has seen the letter from the UK Government minister responsible confirming this position. The plan is to combine restricted access for children to commercial pornography websites with similar age verification measures on social media sites. The Online Harms Bill is currently focusing on social media sites alone. Access to pornography via commercial websites and social media platforms will be limited to people over 18.

The sexual strangulation segment began with The Nine’s journalist Fiona Stalker asking Is unwanted violence during sex being “normalised”? It comes in the wake of a number of high profile criminal cases that have heard defences of ‘rough sex gone wrong’. Recent research also shows a rising number of young women are experiencing unwanted acts of violence. Is it too simplistic to blame pornography?


Studio hosts Rebecca Curran and Martin Geissler then interviewed Mary Sharpe, Chair of The Reward Foundation. Journalist Jenny Constable also contributed. The video is in two parts.

You can see all of our appearances on television here.

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