3-step recovery model

Fulfilling our potential

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Human beings are great learners. We love novelty. We’re always searching and seeking out the best, the newest, whatever puts us ahead. But we can get lost in that constant hunt.  Fulfilling our potential can be a challenge. One of …

Love sex porn and Relationships


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According to the Grant Study, long term research from Harvard University, warm relationships are the best basis for health, wealth and a long life; and that addiction, depression and neurosis are the biggest hurdles. Consuming a lot of porn can …

Love sex and education


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Young people today seem glued to their smartphones. Too much screen time, especially late at night,can cause a variety of problems. Some become simply “wired and tired,” too exhausted to pay attention at school or college; others develop mental and …

Health sex and love


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Healthcare professionals report growing numbers of psychiatric and neurodevelopmental disorders in young people today. Some of these professionals are not aware of the recent neuroscience research. A recent review on internet pornography addiction, states the following: “Regarding Internet addiction, neuroscientific research …