Sherrif Court

Paedophile hunters fail

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Evidence obtained from ‘paedophile hunters’ inadmissible as conduct amounted to ‘fraud’. This story comes from the Scottish Legal News and shows the limits set by the legal system to protect due process. A man accused of “sexting” people he believed …

CEO of the Internet Watch Foundation

Internet Watch Foundation

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This week the Internet Watch Foundation’s CEO Susie Hargreaves OBE has been talking on Women’s Hour on Radio 4. This short interview with Jane Garvey gives you a very clear picture of the important job they do. The Internet Watch …

porn harm fact list

Fact Sheet on Porn Harms

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This is a really useful fact sheet for those who’d like to know about the latest research on porn harms from 2017-2019. It has been compiled by John Foubert, Ph.D, LLC in the US, researcher and author of “How Porn …


Online Harms White Paper

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No surprises but it’s still radical!! Big round of applause The UK Government’s long-awaited White Paper on Online Harms finally appeared on 8th April 2019. If you want a quick(ish) overview, the press release put out the the Home Office is here. If …

Causation Studies about Pornography Harms

Causation Studies about Porn Harms

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The publication of a definition for Compulsive Sexual Behavior Disorder in June 2018 by the WHO was based on empirical evidence. However, some people still deny that pornography consumption can cause mental or physical harms. In this blog we look …

Young men driving the decline in sex

History of Porn

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Internet pornography grew out of the older off-line world of print, DVDs and videos. Our colleague Gabe Deem in the USA put together this brief history of porn. He looks at how it has affected both individual users and whole …

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Age Verification

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The case for age verification for pornography sites This is a hugely informative blog post about the legislation on age verification from John Carr. John is a member of the Executive Board of the UK Council on Child Internet Safety, …

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Sexual offenders & porn

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New study – “Pornography Use by Sex Offenders at the Time of the Index Offense: Characterization and Predictors“ Abstract The purpose of this study was to characterize and predict sex offenders’ pornography consumption at the time of the index offense. …