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PM is the flagship news and current affairs programme on Radio 4, broadcast in the UK, and indeed around the whole world. On Monday 1st April 2019 Evan Davis introduced a 6-minute segment by journalist Chris Vallance on the UK’s Age Verification system to reduce children’s easy access to hardcore online pornography. Mary Sharpe, CEO of TRF, says why this legislation is still important, even if not perfect.

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BBC Radio Scotland is our local network. TRF have appeared on several shows and you can always search for us on BBC Sounds.

With the announcement of the launch date for Age Verification in the UK, Mary Sharpe joined an hour-long phone-in with Laura Maxwell on 18 April 2019. The following 6-minute extract features her thoughts in the final part of the programme.

Talking to young people about porn was the theme for a debate hosted by Kaye Adams on 20 March 2019.  Mary Sharpe was featured along with Sarah, one of the mums from the Channel 4 docu-series “Mums Make Porn”, Andrea Chapman a counsellor and pro-porn activist Jerry Barnett.

Hear Mary Sharpe talking about consent and pornography in a short segment on the Stephen Jardine show on 15 February 2019.

In the same vein, Mary Sharpe returned to the Stephen Jardine show on 24 January 2019 for another public debate. She was talking about the impact of internet pornography on young people in Scotland. The context was proposals to introduce the teaching of the topic of consent in primary schools. The topic is interesting to parents. Consequently, the discussion received lots of attention from listeners.

John Beattie held a spirited discussion on pornography use on 20 November 2018. The guests were Mary Sharpe, Anne Chilton from Relationships Scotland and Emma Kenny.

Stephen Jardine interviewed Mary Sharpe, along with a teacher and a concerned mother on the Radio Scotland mid-morning programme on 17 July 2018.

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Radio Napier Screen Shot

Mary Sharpe was interviewed by Ian McNally from Radio Napier in a 10-minute slot on Digital Drugs. Published online on 27 October 2017.

Radio beyond Scotland
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Radio Sputnik World Service in Moscow interviewed Mary Sharpe for 11 minutes. During the interview they discussed on the alarming rise in child-on-child sexual abuse reported in England and Wales. It was broadcast to a world-wide audience on 9 October 2017.

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Mary Sharpe interviewed by Stig Abell, LBC Radio

Mary Sharpe interviewed by Stig Abell in this 3-minute spot on LBC Radio in London, 21 August 2016. It went UK wide.

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Nolan Show Radio Ulster


Mary Sharpe discussing porn awareness training in an 18-minute conversation with Stephen Nolan on Radio Ulster in Northern Ireland.

Click here if you want to hear more of the related conversations on Stephen Nolan’s television programmes.

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