Mary Sharpe

Mary Sharpe in the Press Pre-TRF

Mary Sharpe’s idea for some kind of foundation to make the scientific research about sexual love publicly accessible first crystallised in 2006. That year Mary presented a paper on “Sex and Addiction” at the Third International Positive Psychology conference in Portugal. The internet was beginning to gain strength and students were finding it harder to resist the distraction. Streaming pornography became available ‘on tap’ from 2007 onwards. Mary and colleagues started to monitor the developments and issues related to health, relationships and criminality over the subsequent years. It was clear that the general public, influencers and decision makers needed easy access to the science that was beginning to emerge about the impact of the internet on our behaviour and life goals.

Mary Sharpe began working with the impact of pornography on love relationships several years before The Reward Foundation was established as a Scottish charity.

On this page we are digging onto the archives to provide an insight into the early thinking which led to Mary developing The Reward Foundation.

Over the coming months we will add more early material to illustrate our journey.

For additional background on Mary, see her biography here.

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