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Test for porn-induced erectile dysfunction. This is a great video about how to test if you have, or someone close to you has, porn-induced erectile dysfunction.

6 tips to support your guy as he kicks his porn habit. Be brave & have that conversation if you really care for him.

Do we need a tough love solution in Scotland or would a 3 week screen fast with schools’ support be as effective?


How Porn is Messing with Your Manhood. Must-read new article in Skeptic, co-authored by famous Stanford psychologist Philip Zimbardo and Your Brain On Porn’s Gary Wilson. 
What is internet porn doing to us and are we OK with it? A good read from Psychology Today 
Young men who cannot get aroused to partners without porn. Here’s a helpful agony aunt who knows what advice to give in an ever more common situation. 
The New Shyness. A clear article on how our young men prefer video games & porn to learning the language of love with real women. 


Addictive personality? “There is no such thing” says psychologist Mark Griffiths.  Anyone can become clinically addicted.

TIME magazine’s cover story on 11 April does an excellent piece on how internet porn affects young men’s virility.


Is porn turning school-aged kids into sexual predators?  Good Australian article on how porn is affecting very young children.

ADHD and internet addiction. Recent research points to an association between ADHD, sleep disorders and internet/videogame addiction.


Consent, teens and a cup of tea. See our new page on consent and teenagers. It links to a clever video about a cup of tea.


Find out more about The Reward Foundation on the road…

Turkish Green Crescent Society
: International Congress on Technology Addiction conference in Istanbul.  Our conference report from Istanbul is here.

ONLINE Protect: It’s just online, isn’t it?  Our London conference report is here.

NOTA: Preventing Sexual Abuse: working effectively with adults, adolescents and children. Read our report on the Conference in Stirling here.

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