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Het Pornobrein

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Now it’s the chance of the Dutch speaking, porn-interested public to learn about how this favourite online pastime affects the brain. The book sets out the science in a most accessible way and is supported by hundreds of illuminating recovery stories.. The new translation of Gary Wilson’s excellent book “Your Brain on Porn” as “Het pornobrein” is available here.

This new translation joins the growing list of other ones available in print editions to readers in Hungarian and Turkish.

To reach the 422 million people who speak Arabic, Gary Wilson has collaborated with an Arabic-speaking healthcare professional to bring “Your Brain on Porn” in Arabic as an ebook.

Your Brain on Porn Arabic Gary Wilson May Bader

To make sure readers are as up-to-date as possible with current research, a second English edition of “Your Brain on Porn”was launched in December 2017 in a format to suit every taste. You can order it in paperback, on a Kindle or as a PDF download from Commonwealth Publishing.

Our favourite version is the easy listening one, where you can hear the soothing, deep, authoritative tones of top porn-recovery coach Noah Church read it as an audiobook on Audible. Help us get the message out to all your friends.

Your Brain on Porn on Audible, narrated by Noah Church


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