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TRF in the Press 2018

The press have discovered The Reward Foundation and are spreading the word about our work including: the porn awareness classes; the call for effective, brain-based sex education in all schools; need for training for NHS healthcare providers on pornography addiction and our contribution to research on porn-induced sexual dysfunctions. This page highlights our latest successes in newspapers and online. We hope to post many more stories as 2018 progresses.

If you see a story featuring TRF we have not put up, please send us a note about it using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

25 July 2018. Mark Blunden, the News and Technology Reporter gave good coverage to The Reward Foundation and the erectile dysfunction issue on page 11 of the London Evening Standard.  It was also picked up by the Nigerian Bulletin.

16 July 2018. Kay Smith slightly re-wrote the Mail on Sunday article for The Times.

15 July 2018. Mary Sharpe is interviewed in the Scottish Mail on Sunday about the content of the lessons for primary schools being developed by The Reward Foundation. Page 21. A digital version of the article is available here.

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15 July 2018. Mary Sharpe wrote this full-page opinion piece. Page 38.

Scottish Mail on Sunday logoContinues…

15 July 2018. The original article appeared in The Scotsman on page 7 and can be seen online (warning: image may be triggering). The article was also picked up by Tax Free Insider.

4 July 2018. Mary Sharpe and Darryl Mead were interviewed for SecEd, the leading online portal for secondary schools in the UK. The original article can be seen here.Learning the risks of porn

28 February 2018, Mary Sharpe was interviewed in the online Spanish news service Tu Cosmopolis. Full article in Spanish is here.



25 February 2018. An extensive Spanish language article on the impact of pornography, focusing on the pornography use story of Gabe Deem, with quotes from Darryl Mead and Mary Sharpe, as well as Gary Wilson and Dr Valerie Voon. The full article is available here.

4 February 2018

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The Sunday Times Mark Macaskill February 4 2018 The Sunday Times Mark Macaskill February 4 2018 The Sunday Times Mark Macaskill February 4 2018 The Sunday Times Mark Macaskill February 4 2018

The story is also available online at the Sunday Times.

24 January 2018

Scottish Legal News

FTSE 100 companies told to address sexual harassment or face legal action

This story also ran in the Scottish Financial News on 24 January 2018

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