The aim of The Reward Foundation is to spread knowledge about what makes relationships flourish. This includes empowering people to understand and overcome health or relationship problems arising from overuse of internet pornography. Building resilience to stress is a key part of our programme.

Please contact us at for an initial discussion about your training needs. We accept commissions for work within the United Kingdom and elsewhere. We have 25 years’ experience of working in a multi-cultural environment, with different age groups, educational levels and in countries across the world.

We have developed interactive workshops to support professionals working with the issues around internet pornography. An example is our “Integrated Approach to Understanding Internet Pornography Addiction” workshop. It is available in 50 minute, 90 minute or half-day formats and is suitable for groups of different sizes and skill levels. We have presented this to groups of up to thirty five participants including social workers, civil servants healthcare professionals, teachers, academics and criminal justice professionals. Full day training sessions are also available.

Our workshops look at the way recent research in neuroscience provides insights into the various impacts of excessive internet pornography consumption and addiction. It also explores the ways internet pornography consumption changes sexual behaviour, social norms, interpersonal relationships and the potential for criminal activity. The workshop concludes by considering  remedies and prevention strategies.  It provides perspectives to allow participants to incorporate this knowledge into their practice. 

The Reward Foundation does not offer therapy.