UK Obscenity Law

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In this guest blog post John Carr, a leading expert on pornography provides insights into the review of UK Obscenity Law around sexual imagery on the Internet. The original can be seen on John’s Desiderata blog.  It builds on his …

Porn performer insights

Performer Insight

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WARNING – THIS IS A CHALLENGING READ This anonymous piece of Performer Insight was posted on askReddit by a former porn industry worker. We lie to you. We’re selling a product – the sex, the persona, whatever. Like actors do press …

Gabe Deem on erectile dysfunction

Sexual Dysfunctions

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This is a guest blog post about sexual dysfunctions based on the work of our colleague Gabe Deem, the founder of Reboot Nation. The rise and rise of ED A growing number of urologists and psychiatrists are concerned about a …

karelinlestrange autism-2377410_1280

Porn & Autism

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This blog post from Graeme Hydari at the law firm Hodge Jones & Allen looks at the way people are being let down by our criminal justice system in the UK when porn and autism are involved. Despite receiving guidance, …

The case for age verification for pornography sites

Age Verification

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The case for age verification for pornography sites This is a hugely informative blog post about the legislation on age verification from John Carr, and published on 29 April, 2018. John is a member of the Executive Board of the UK …

TRF in SecEd

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SecEd features a great article on our work.  Reward Foundation CEO Mary Sharpe is quoted extensively as journalist Sam Phipps explores the way pornography is influencing the ability of young people to learn and develop as well-rounded human beings. Phipps …

Foundational Five

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Our friends over at NoFap have some great, simple ideas to help in quitting porn. The team at NoFap are referring to these as The Foundational Five. We liked it and want to share it with you… If you put in the time and …