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Porn & Autism

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This blog post from Graeme Hydari at the law firm Hodge Jones & Allen looks at the way people are being let down by our criminal justice system in the UK when porn and autism are involved. Despite receiving guidance, …


TRF in SecEd

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SecEd features a great article on our work.  Reward Foundation CEO Mary Sharpe is quoted extensively as journalist Sam Phipps explores the way pornography is influencing the ability of young people to learn and develop as well-rounded human beings. Phipps …

Your Brain on Porn

Your Brain on Porn

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Great news! The latest edition of Your Brain on Porn – Internet Pornography and the Emerging Science of Addiction has arrived, updated and revised to make it even more accessible to readers. If you are at all interested in what …

Celebrations 4th Birthday

TRF 4th Birthday

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If our charity were a toddler we might have our darling child show off to you what he or she has been learning, playing some music perhaps, telling a funny story or displaying some peachy dance routine. Instead, our beloved …

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ICD-11 published

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The Reward Foundation is delighted to report that World Health Organization has officially recognized a new category of mental health disorder for those suffering from problematic sexual behaviours. It is an umbrella term called “compulsive sexual behaviour disorder” (CSBD) in …

The Reward Foundation website language menu

100 Languages

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Have you seen the little box with the British flag in it at the top or bottom of our web page? Thanks to some clever technology from GTranslate, our website is now available in over 100 different languages. The machine …

Dr Mateusz Gola and Mary Sharpe at the ICBA conference in Cologne, Germany

Porn Use Diagnosis

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A problematic porn use diagnosis is hard to come by. Why? Because many healthcare professionals continue to ignore or be ignorant of the impact of compulsive porn use. This is detrimental to their patients and clients. The World Health Organization’s …

Het pornobrein Gary Wilson Boom

Het Pornobrein

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Now it’s the chance of the Dutch speaking, porn-interested public to learn about how this favourite online pastime affects the brain. The book sets out the science in a most accessible way and is supported by hundreds of illuminating recovery …