TRF Develops Resources

While human beings are driven primarily by emotion, technology is not. It is based on pure logic, constructed with algorithms designed to grab and hold our attention. The internet is a direct means of influence and has a potentially greater effect on shaping cultural values than even that of the family. Understanding its effects is crucial to our wellbeing, especially to our upcoming generations.

To respond to this idea, we have been listening to what people want to know about love, sex, relationships and internet pornography. Since mid-2014 our work with young people and professionals in the sex education field has found high levels of dissatisfaction about the quality, relevance and effectiveness of current teaching resources.

We have spoken with entire Forms of boys and girls at schools, as well as well as working with them in small groups and one an individual basis. This led us to using the technique of Human Centred Design to co-develop resources which might address the weaknesses of current materials.

Over the next year The Reward Foundation hopes to produce separate books for girls and boys for use in schools as well as individually, or with friends or family

Our resources will be advertised on this website as they become available.