As a charity we offer a range of commercial services to help fund our free activities. We offer evidence-based consulting services to government officials, healthcare professionals, educators, criminal justice professionals, businesses and other interested organisations involving services or products aimed at adolescents.

Our material has also been incorporated into the treatment programme offered by the Lucy Faithfull Foundation and Stop it Now! These charities help rehabilitate people convicted of child sex offences, especially those found in the possession of child pornography.

Our expertise includes most of the issues covered in this website. We are interested in undertaking consultancy in the following fields:

• The impact of internet porn on adolescent romantic and sexual behaviour

• Consent and coercion

• Legal issues around sexting

• Sexual conditioning and internet pornography addiction

• The impact of internet pornography on family life

• Recovery from internet pornography addiction

• Building resilience to stress

Please contact us at for an initial discussion about your consulting needs. We accept commissions in the United Kingdom and worldwide.

The Reward Foundation does not offer therapy.