Services & Media

The services offered by The Reward Foundation are:

  • a free website that links research about loving relationships and porn harms to real life experience. It  includes strategies for prevention and recovery
  • an age-appropriate website co-produced with young people is currently under construction
  • seminars, workshops and conference speeches for professionals
  • workshops for schools on the brain training effects of internet porn and short term ‘screen fasts’ as part of personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) education or citizenship classes
  • workshops and guidance for parents on prevention strategies
  • teaching materials and training for professionals
  • interviews with  journalists

All of our work is based the latest developments in neuroscience and social science research about behaviour. We make this accessible to audiences with no prior knowledge of science. Above we seek to make it practical in application, fun to learn and inspired by the best practice of clinicians and teachers around the world.


As a charity we offer a range of commercial services to help fund our free activities. We provide evidence-based consulting services to government officials, healthcare professionals, educators, criminal justice professionals, businesses and other interested organisations involving services or products aimed specifically at adolescents.

Our expertise includes issues around attainment, resilience to stress and hyper arousal, adolescent sexual conditioning, consent and coercion, internet addiction, prevention strategies and recovery.

We do not offer therapy.

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