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Services for Schools

As a pioneering educational charity using the latest neuroscience research along with sound pedagogical principles, The Reward Foundation  delivers interactive lessons for pupils from age 14 to 18 years as part of the PSHE/SRE curriculum. Our approach is to provide evidence for pupils to help them exercise critical thinking skills and develop their own judgment about their use of internet pornography. We also empower parents to be able to engage effectively with their children at home. To this end we use our own interviews with medical and legal experts and recovering users. We signpost tools and support for parents.

The Reward Foundation offers six types of interactive session.  The workshops and discussions are tailored appropriately to fit the age group. No pornography is shown. We work with both single and mixed gender groups. Materials are diversity-friendly.

  1. General introduction: Impact of internet pornography (40-50 minutes)
  • Why internet pornography today is different from pornography of the past
  • Why the adolescent brain is vulnerable to overstimulation
  • Video interviews with young porn addicts who have recovered
  • How to build resilience and where to get help
  1. Specific: Impact of internet pornography on one area + Q&A (40-50 minutes)
  • Physical and mental health, or
  • Educational attainment, or
  • Legal risks, or
  • Relationships
  1. 2-Hour Workshop that combines
  • Elements of items 1 and 2 above, plus
  • 45-Minute discussion period in a facilitated session; in mixed gender schools with boys and girls separately to maximize open discussion
  1. 24-Hour Screen Fast Exercise in two sessions one week apart: (40-50 minutes x 2)
  • Part 1 includes initial discussion about research on instant gratification and self-control; preparation for fast including keeping a journal (not limited to pornography use alone)
  • Part 2, one week later, debrief on what they experienced as a result of trying this 24-hour fast during the week
  • See news stories about screen fasts with S4 and S6 at George Heriot’s.
  1. Consent and legal issues with assertiveness practice (40-50 minutes)
  • Sexting (S4)
  • Unwanted sexual attention (S5)
  • Boundaries within relationships (S6)
  1. Parents’ Evenings (40-50 minutes + Q&A)
  • Talk to parents about latest evidence around harms and strategies for dealing with problems. This helps break the ice for discussions at home
  • Strategies, in cooperation with school, to help children build resilience to harms associated with internet pornography

 Please contact us for a free written quotation. The Reward Foundation can also provide custom-designed lessons to meet your needs.

Prices are VAT free and will include all travel and materials.


The Reward Foundation does not offer therapy.

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