Learning is key

Learning is key

Understanding learning is key to understanding how and why pornography can become a problem for mental and physical health. In this section The Reward Foundation looks at learning from several different angles.

Research shows that regular pornography use is ‘causally’ related to young people having a higher rate of delay discounting. This means pornography users are less able to delay immediate gratification for a more valuable reward later, such as exam success. Psychologist Roy Baumeister in his book Willpower says that most major problems, personal and social, centre on a failure of self-control. Colleges and universities are reporting high drop-out rates at across the UK and elsewhere. Stanford professor Philip Zimbardo explains ‘arousal addiction’ and declining academic achievements in this talk, “The Demise of Guys”.

Memory and Learning

Sexual conditioning

Internet Pornography and Early Sexual Debut


Internet Addiction

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