Your Brain on Porn. A New Year. Time to get real about internet pornography

Your Brain on Porn

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Great news! The latest edition of Your Brain on Porn – Internet Pornography and the Emerging Science of Addiction has arrived, updated and revised to make it even more accessible to readers. If you are at all interested in what …

Royal College of General Practitioners Logo Adolescent Health

Adolescent Health Conference

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Whenever health problems related to young people’s use of internet pornography appear in the press, the default answer of most journalists is to refer readers to their GPs. What if the GPs don’t know about the potential of porn to …

Conference organisers Blanka Magdic and Ivan Munjin with Mary Sharpe, Nataša Ropret, Haley Halverson and Darryl Mead

Croatia tackles porn

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It is the country where the original neck tie, the cravat, was invented. Indeed all the public statues were sporting red ribbon versions to celebrate International Necktie Day on 18 October whilst we were there. Croatia is a country with …

Mary Sharpe on Radio Sputnik

TRF on Radio Sputnik

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Broadcasting live from Moscow, Radio Sputnik interviewed Mary Sharpe, our Chief Executive Officer for a response to the investigation by BBC Panorama about the huge rise in child-on-child sexual abuse. The number of reported sexual offences by under-18s on other …

Theatre Review Coolidge Effect at the Traverse Theatre

Coolidge Effect’s Good Review

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The Scotsman Newspaper published this strong review of the Coolidge Effect during its run at Edinburgh’s Traverse Theatre The Coolidge Effect by Wonder Fools is on this week at the Tron Theatre in Glasgow The Reward Foundation was delighted to …