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The Reward Foundation is a pioneering sex and relationship education charity that makes the research behind love, sex and internet pornography accessible to a wide public. We have been accredited by the Royal College of General Practitioners to run 1-day training workshops on the impact of internet pornography on mental and physical health. New dates arriving soon. These are open to anyone with an interest in pornography’s effects but are aimed at healthcare and other professionals to help them understand pornography’s impact. We do talks in schools and are currently piloting lesson plans for teachers. The charity also offers talks with parents to help them start the conversation with their child.

Internet pornography is specifically designed to stimulate cravings, change thoughts and behaviour at an unconscious level. For increasing numbers of users this can lead to compulsive sexual behaviour disorder. Multiple studies show that at least 80% of people with compulsive sexual behaviour report excessive internet pornography use. For a growing number of people, bingeing on porn can have a negative effect on health, behaviour, relationships, attainment, productivity and criminality as the brain changes incubate and develop over time.

Children are particularly vulnerable to its effects due to their stage of brain development. Free, easy access to hardcore pornography via smartphones and tablets makes it extremely difficult for children who are naturally curious about sex, to avoid it.  Most internet pornography today does not model intimacy and trust but rather coercion, violence and unsafe sex. Children are not learning what they need for healthy, loving, sexual development.

When men, and increasingly women, learn about how excessive porn and masturbation can cause changes to the brain’s structure and function, they are often willing to experiment with quitting. We report stories from thousands of people who have tried quitting and experienced the variety of mental and physical benefits as a result. See this young man’s story. We also write about the latest research on this subject.

Human beings are part of the 2-3% of pair-bonding mammals who can mate for life. Research shows that addiction can interfere with those pair bonding brain structures making it harder to find and maintain long-term, sexual love with a real partner.  We are not out to ban porn, but rather help people make ‘informed’ choices about its use in order to improve their chances of enjoying successful loving relationships. Here is a self-assessment exercise. The Reward Foundation does not offer therapy nor provide legal advice but we do signpost routes to recovery for men and women whose use has become problematic.

Please contact us if you’d like more information on any of the matters mentioned here.

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