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The Reward Foundation is a pioneering educational charity that looks at the science behind sex and love. We experience these in the brain’s ‘reward’ system, hence our name. The Reward Foundation focuses on a particularly modern form of sexual activity, namely internet pornography. What does bingeing on it do to our mental and physical health, relationships and liability in law?

We provide an ABC guide to our brain on internet pornography because schools, colleges and universities tend not to teach it. There are useful, fun videos that help explain the material too. That means everyone can make ‘informed’ choices about internet pornography.

We are not out to ban it. We do however highlight the benefits of quitting porn based on the latest research and self reports of those who have. Long-term, sexual love with a real partner is the best basis for health and fulfilment. No amount of porn can love you back. In fact, it can hinder your chances of finding it. You may even end up with a criminal conviction because of it. It is not just free entertainment.

You can take part in a self-assessment to assess how much is too much. We signpost routes to recovery for those who have become snared by it. We offer guidance on building resilience to compulsive use and to stress, as well as tips on finding love in real life. We also offer a range of services including workshops, talks and interviews with experts. Please contact us if you’d like more information on any of the matters mentioned here.

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